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Comic #883

Uploaded by sweetquark at 22:01 on 22 January


Don't worry, I'm still updating, it's just...

Gravatar Posted 18:23
Mon 27 January
by sweetquark

Hey Folks, if you're wondering where today's update is, don't worry, there actually is one, you just can't see it here. My content management system, which has been flaky for a while now, has decided to not want to post updates correctly. I don't have the time right now to try to fix or replace it, so as a temporary solution, I'm just going to upload new pages to one of my tumblr blogs here: Sorry for the inconvenience - I'll try to get things back in order when I get the chance, but its a busy month for me and I have no desire to poke around with code right now. A whole new CMS would be preferable, since this one is old and unsupported now, but the prospect of moving almost 2000 pages is rather daunting. I was hoping I could ride this one out until the end of JGC, but perhaps that was pushing my luck. Anyway, if it magically starts to behave again, I'll resume as normal, otherwise please keep checking in at the temporary blog and I'll try to keep up to the usual schedule until I figure something out.

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